Tim Parker

I love west Fairbanks, and it has loved me back. I’ve lived here with my wife, Tracey, for over 30 years. We’ve raised a family, and I retired in May from the school district. I was also the president of the largest labor union in the state, NEA-Alaska, and I spent almost a decade in the 1990s as a journalist. Being a community leader isn’t something I set out to become, but it found me. I have a proven record of honest, ethical leadership. I’ve excelled in every job I’ve had, and I will make west Fairbanks proud as a representative who LISTENS to everyone in House District 35. I’m running as a nonpartisan because I believe that we need moderate voices in politics who seek the TRUTH. I’m in favor of economic development, and I believe that most Alaskans prioritize independence and a high quality of life. I will bring trust, ethics, and respect to Juneau as your next representative.

What’s black and white and red all over?

A newspaper … oh, and my campaign logo! As a longtime journalist and journalism teacher, I’ve always loved that joke. Local newspapers make our community stronger, and it takes TIME to build the strength we need in our community. It’s time to elect Tim!

I’m new to RUNNING for office, but not new to RUNNING!

My favorite way to stay in touch with west Fairbanks is running. I have run almost every road street and trail in the district. You’ve probably seen me running in University West, on the Koponen Trails, all over Chena Ridge, Ester Dome, Sheep Creek Road, the Musk Ox Farm and UAF. I’ll be doing a lot of door-to-door campaigning this summer AND running! I’m a lifetime member of Running Club North. Check them out.

Family always comes first

I couldn’t do this without the support of my wife, Tracey, and my son, Alex, and his girlfriend, Alli. They are the reason why I continue to engage in community service.

Prepared and paid for by Tim Parker for State House

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